Tuesday 17 September 2013

2 Guns Movie Review!!!

2 Guns probably could've done with more guns but you should still take a 'shot' at this movie!!! Read on to find out more!

Very few actors have a resume like Denzel Washington, in fact you’d be hard pressed to really fault the guy's movie choices over the years.  His consistency in terms of good film choices is pretty much unparalleled in Hollywood.  Move into the international movie world and he may have some tough competition from Lau Ching Wan (Google him) and a few others, but in Hollywood he’s pretty much as close to royalty as you can get.

Flight, Safe House, Man on Fire, Training Day, Déjà vu, The Bone Collector, Out of Time, John Q, Unstoppable… Jeez! The list of great movies this guy has been in just goes on!

2 Guns unites Washington with Marky Mark Wahlberg in something reminiscent of an 80s buddy cop movie.  The result is a rather mixed bag of tricks but worth a look.

Bobby Trench (Washington) and Michael ‘Stig’ Stigman (Wahlberg) are scouting out a sleepy town for a bank job as part of a plan to hit a local gangster where it hurts.  Unbeknownst to each the other, they are both undercover agents, Bobby being DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and Stig being a Marine.  When they end up looting way more money than they had anticipated, it soon becomes apparent that they’ve both been set up.  The money belongs to dirty CIA agent Earl (Bill Paxton) who makes it very clear that he wants his money back.  With the CIA, marines, gangsters and DEA’s office all after them, the 2 guns have no choice but to put their differences aside to figure a way out.

Sure, things take a while to get rolling, especially if you’ve seen the trailer and just want the movie to really take off, but when it does it’s pretty fun.  The camaraderie and buddy buddy chemistry between Wahlberg and Washington is what really carries this movie.  Implant any two other actors and I probably would’ve fallen asleep during the first 20 minutes.  As it is, the second half of the movie is a real treat.  Nothing serious, it’s not gonna win any Oscars and replay value may be limited, but I did find myself enjoying Bobby and Stig’s childish bickering. 

It’s great to see Paxton back on the big screen, he’s clearly relishing playing the larger than life bad guy, while fans of the gorgeous Paula Patton will likely be left smiling too.

Though not quite as good as I was hoping for, Tango & Cash this ain’t, it’s still a fun way to pass a couple of hours.

Check it out!

Rating 3.5 out of 5.


PS – An awesome fan made Tango & Cash trailer:

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