Tuesday 24 September 2013

My Lucky Star (2013) Movie Review!!!

A glossy, slick, star studded, spy-romcom in Singapore!!! Sounds like a recipe for success right?? Wrong!!! Read on to find out more!

In 2009 I saw a gem of a movie called Sophie’s Revenge.  A quirky romantic comedy about a ridiculously cute Zhang Ziyi.  The film was funny, sweet, induced that warm fuzzy feeling us tough guys don’t like to admit being capable of feeling, and it pretty much hit all the right notes all round.  It was also, refreshingly, the first time that I saw Zhang Ziyi in a role where she wasn’t constantly angry and trying to kill everyone.   What a pleasant surprise.

Zoom forward to 2013 and we find Zhang Ziyi reprising her role as Sophie in what is intended to be something of a prequel.  I’ll tell you something right off the bat, I had no idea it was a prequel until I did some reading around after I saw the movie.  Sure Zhang Ziyi is called Sophie again and it even stars the same actresses as her friends, but the reason I didn’t see it as an extension to the first movie in any way is because it just doesn’t fit with the events in the original film.  It felt like something of a lame attempt to rip off her own movie and, unfortunately, even with the knowledge that the movie is intended as a prequel, I still feel the same way.  This is probably the biggest disappointment of the year so far.

The premise starts just too similarly to before.  Zhang Ziyi is writing her cute cartoons about a gal falling in love with a super spy and going on many outlandish adventures.  She yearns for excitement in her own life amidst her boring go nowhere job as a flight tele-sales assistant.  Her luck appears to be on the up when she wins an all expenses paid holiday to Singapore! Yay!!  But the real consequence is nay.

In Singapore she meets real super spy David played by Leehom Wang.  Queue some silly mistaken identity shenanigans and soon Sophie finds herself living in the kinds of adventures she writes about. 

I tell you, there are so many possibilities for filmmakers in Singapore, it’s such a cool cosmopolitan city, it’s just waiting to be the center stage of an amazing action movie.  Of course THIS is not that movie.

While Sophie’s Revenge felt fresh and original, My Lucky Star may become the very definition of generic by-the-numbers romcom movie making. The plot is paper-thin and the poorly executed James Bond style spy humour would annoy even Johnny English.  It’s just plain and simply very bad. 

There is zero chemistry between our two leads; we feel absolutely no reason for them to fall in love other than the fact that they are the leads of the movie.  The laughs are cheap and rehashes of what we’ve seen in a million other movies.  The action, I would argue, is not even as enjoyable as watching an episode of Power Rangers! 

I really cannot find anything positive to say about this movie.  Sure it’s great to see Zhang Ziyi back on the big screen but not when she is just trying to simply cash in on the success of 2009’s Sophie’s Revenge!

Give it a miss.

Rating 2 out of 5.


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