Sunday 1 September 2013

Calling All Modern Day Action Men - Need some R&R??? Visit Spa Symphony, Singapore!!!

Jason Statham, James Bond, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Jet Li - what do they all have in common with you??? You're all modern day action men and deserve a time out!!! Read on to find out more about this spa treatment for MEN!!!

You know something, it isn’t easy being a man these days.  The modern man has to strive a find a nuanced balance between looking good, remaining practical and functional all while exuding an air of suave sophistication.

We must maintain 360 degrees awareness of our surroundings at all times, like a panther waiting to pounce, in case we need to jump into action to save that child that’s fallen down in front of that speeding bus or in case our favourite shopping mall is taken over by bad guys and our loved ones taken hostage.

Suffice to say, it’s tiring business.  So when Spa Symphony approached Maximum Extreme wishing to expand their audience to include us modern day tough guys, we of course applauded their proactivity and initiative. Bravo Spa Symphony, bravo!

Situated in the heart of the city at 313 Somerset, it makes for a smart location and is easily accessibly in between measurements for your next bespoke suit.

As you walk through the sliding doors, an urban safe-haven awaits you.  Cool, calm and subdued with hints of a Balinese resort, enjoy a herbal tea as you mull over the treatment options available.

Even as tough guys, it’s important to take time out once in a while to recharge those power cells and Spa Symphony’s latest Ananda massage therapy is an excellent way to do it.  Brainchild of Spa curator Albert Chew, the massage is a strategic combination of Thai, Chinese Tui Na and Yoga techniques with the sole aim of achieving maximal relaxation as efficiently as possible in the time available. 

A small upgrade allows you to choose the type of oil best suited to your body’s needs.  I went for the heal option and it definitely lived up to its namesake.

Once guided into the treatment suite, you can place your belongings safely in the lockers provided and prepare for your journey to inner peace.

The treatment indulges every sense, from the tastes of the welcoming herbal tea, to the scents of the healing aromatherapy mist, the sights of the palm tree leaves as you lie down on the bed, the sounds of the Tibetan Tingsha bells as the treatment starts and then of course the tactile stimulation of the massage itself.

Action man & tough guy supremo, Bobby Stryker enjoying his downtime

I found the sounds of the Tingsha bells particularly fascinating.  As their hypnotic chimes resonate through your body and soul you feel a remarkable cleansing and calming sensation, a perfect beginning and end to the treatment.

The Ananda massage definitely lived up to its ambitious goals.  I felt fresh and rejuvenated, ready for action once again.  My fiancĂ©e immediately commented that I looked more radiant and alive as I fought away looks of admiration from other ladies walking by.  Sorry ladies, this man is taken.

As men, we deserve it!  So do yourself a favour, head on over to Spa Symphony and order a round of Ananda massage therapy before your next action outing and night on the town.

313 Orchard Road,
#B2-50/51, Singapore 238895
Tel: 6636 8878

Rating 4 out of 5.


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