Tuesday 16 June 2015

San Andreas Movie Review!!!

San Andreas Rocks!!! Literally! Read our review to find out why!

2012, Armageddon, Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow, Dante’s Peak, Volcano..  Been there, done that! 

So what’s so good about San Andreas?  The Rock!  And that literally makes all the difference.

The most bankable actor in Hollywood brings his A-game, saves the day and even gets a chance to prove his acting chops in a surprisingly touching monologue in this non stop action-fest.

Much like 2012, Rock’s character is separated from his estranged wife but unlike 2012, our protagonist isn’t some semi-unemployed slob.  He’s flying helicopters and saving people’s lives as part of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Sure he has a soft spot for his family but the Rock isn’t the kind of guy who’s gonna be moping around at home in a drunken stupor, he’s getting on with his life.

That is until the infamous San Andreas Fault makes a move and all hell breaks loose.

And other than myself, can you think of anyone you’d rather want looking out for you during an earthquake? 

The solid supporting cast helps to add some emotional weight to events.

I don’t know if there are any TV fans out there reading this, but some of you might recognize the dapper gent the Rock’s wife is found to be moving in with at the beginning of the flick. 

It’s none other than Ioan Gruffudd from Forever and Fantastic Four fame.  A very underrated actor who turned in a damn fine performance in the murder mystery TV series ‘Forever’ following a guy who can’t die as he’s trying to figure out his fate, all while helping the police to solve crimes. 

I know this is a San Andreas review, but Forever is such a damn good series that I have to mention it!  If you haven’t seen it yet, then do yourself a favour and go and find it, stream it, steal it or whatever! 

I’m still fuming because the networks have pulled the plug on this gem of a TV show but maybe, like so many other shows out there, if we can get enough people wanting it, we might be able to get the studios to bring it back.

If you like the show then sign the petition to keep it going here:

Okok, getting back to San Andreas. 

My only qualm with the movie was how the Rock, the so called emergency response guy who I figured would be out there on the crumbling streets saving everyone, seemed to be determined to save only his own family.  Fair enough, most of us would put our loved ones first, but once your part of an emergency team, it does come with some expectations.

Anyhow, this small but significant caveat aside, San Andreas remains one of the best movies at the cinema this summer.  There’s not much of a plot but the action is good and the characters are developed just enough for you to care.

Excellent special effects and lots of sweaty palm, edge of your seat moments make San Andreas well worth checking out for all you action and mayhem junkies.

Rating 4 out of 5.


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