Wednesday 29 April 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie Review!!!

The Earth's mightiest heroes return but is this the Earth's mightiest sequel?? Read on to find out!!!

The Marvel movies all ultimately end in an Avengers movie.  You have an Iron Man movie, a Captain America and Thor movie, throw in a Guardians of the Galaxy movie here and there, then the grand finale of each phase of Marvel movies is the next Avengers movie.  So it’s no surprise that I had pretty high hopes for Age of Ultron.

I’m not entirely sure what it was that I really expected but I sadly couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed by Avengers 2.

The movie starts very promisingly with the entire team in the midst of a battle.  It was cool seeing the team back together again and cooler still watching the team chillaxing and reveling after their victory.

In the comics it was Ant-Man that created Ultron, a robot designed to protect mankind.  With the Ant-Man movie still yet to be released, Marvel smartly opted to have Iron Man and Banner create Ultron using a powerful alien artificial intelligence source. 

Needless to say, Ultron quickly analyzes our self-destructive history to determine that the only way to create peace is to destroy mankind.

Ultron has the assistance of the mind controlling Scarlet Witch and her super fast twin brother Quicksilver, as well as an army of robots of course.

The Avengers have to figure out what Ultron’s big plan is and save the world before it’s too late.

It all sounds pretty good, so what’s the problem? 

One big gripe is how anyone following the trailers for Age of Ultron will have already seen many of the key scenes already.  Far too much was revealed in all the trailers in the run up to the movie, leaving very little surprise in the movie itself.

In the first movie the world was under attack from Alien invaders, this time round the world is under attack from something created by the Avengers themselves.  With the amount of destruction and devastation done by Ultron, it’s difficult to see how the world would ever be able to look at the Avengers as heroes again.

Having said this, the threat never seems as dire as that posed by Loki in the original.  You never get the feeling the Avengers won’t be able to stop Ultron.

Maybe it’s due to my own ignorance, that because the finale isn’t in New York, London, or one of the usual suspect cities, that I didn’t feel the same level of suspense and excitement during the finale.

It’s also no secret that I’m a Hulk fan, he’s the strongest there is and I’m still waiting for someone to portray that potential on the big screen!

Sure the battle with Stark’s Hulkbuster suit is pretty great, but that’s him fighting against his allies, I want to see him do hero stuff. 

The ending would have been the perfect opportunity for the Hulk to redeem himself.  I wish they could have done something like this classic comic book issue:

Instead they choose to go for a much more formulaic ending and that is the problem with most of the movie.

It’s fun but quite forgettable.  It almost feels like this movie serves simply to set up something bigger in future movies and as such, forgets to do anything memorable in itself.

It’s not all bad, effects are great and the Dolby Atmos soundtrack is excellent.  Always catch a movie in Atmos whenever possible to really get fully immersed in the experience.  Stay tuned for a review of my home Dolby Atmos setup soon!

James Spader does an excellent job voicing Ultron and adds a nice, sinister charisma to the foe.  The rest of the actors are of course great and completely own their characters but I’m worried by rumours that future Avengers movies may not include Iron Man, Hulk and Thor.  Doesn’t sound great, especially if the end of the movie is anything to go by.

Why has Fury started wearing his eye patch with the strap 'under' his ear???

Rating this movie has been tricky, I feel almost obliged to give it a good rating just because it’s an Avengers movie but at the same time I can’t.

Avengers is one of those movies I always dreamed about seeing as a kid but as we get more and more spoilt with better and better movies, we want more and more and therein lies the difficulty.  Perhaps if this was the first Avengers movie I would have loved it, but as it stands, my expectations were just so great that this movie never had a chance to live up to them.

Rating 3.5 out of 5.

I definitely want to see more of everyone’s favourite superheroes.  Here’s hoping third times a charm for the Avengers.


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