Friday 20 May 2016

Maximum Extreme in Wonderland!!!

With Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass just around the corner, Maximum Extreme decided to chase the dragon, er, rabbit down the rabbit hole in this off the wall photo shoot! Check it out!!!


Introducing the Mad Hatter reinvented! An eccentric billionaire, playboy, philanthropist who made his fortune creating a sustainable clean energy source from tea, spending his days throwing the most lavish high-tea high society parties every day.

The eccentric hatter's tea party...

Thanks to my amazing wife, Juliana Chong Stryker, for playing Alice!

Thank you Clara for the mad makeup work! Outstanding!! And you made my first time wearing crazy makeup pain free & strangely, ahem, enjoyable =P

The outstanding Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass makeup collection used to create all our looks.

Now some behind the scenes shots of my transformation from Butch Cassidy to Sundance Kid lols =D


And of course thanks to the amazing Yong Thye for his masterful camera work and digital wizardry!

There ya go folks!!!

Go mad, have a cup of tea!

Bobby Stryker

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