Wednesday 15 October 2014

Eumora Moor Mud Soap Bar Review!!!

Remember how your mom used to tell you not to play with mud? Well it turns out a bit of mud might actually be good for you!


If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself at any number of luxury European spas, chances are that you will at some point or another find yourself with mud on your face.  I’m being serious, mud, a natural paste consisting of thousands of ingredients, is often used for its health benefits.

But funnily enough, it turns out that not all mud is the same.  Used by celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker among others, moor mud has amassed quite a following.

As herbs, plants, grasses and flowers have decomposed over thousands of years, they have left behind this unique nutrient rich paste in parts of Austria, Hungary and Eastern Europe.  It is supposed to be so jam-packed full of nutrients that some people even drink the stuff!

While I wouldn’t recommend that, you may want to put it on your face. 

These Eumora soap bars are made from moor mud and also contain Hydration Microalgae (HmA).  A powerful combination rich in natural nutrients and vitamins, it’s like detox food for your skin.   

Potential benefits include clearer skin, acne treatment, respite for tired puffy eyes, reduction of eye bags, improved circulation for your skin, natural firming and lifting of your face and numerous other benefits.

So the product promises a lot – but does it deliver?

Once I opened the no frills packaging, I was presented with this grey rather non-descript bar of soap.

There is no fragrance and the soap bars appearance is firmly in keeping with the products natural persona.

I lathered up the bar easily with some warm water and used the bar to wash my face twice daily for one week.

Ordinarily I don’t like using soap bars to wash my face, they leave my skin feeling very tight and dry.  The Eumora soap bar was significantly less harsh.  My skin felt clean and indeed refreshed.  There was some slight tightness, which served only to lift my complexion and, surprisingly enough, served as something of a bonus.

During my short trial period, I didn’t notice any significant reduction in eye circles or pimple break out frequency but that could just be me.  I have notoriously oily skin so you may have a more positive experience in this aspect.

One unforeseen advantage was the soap bars potential as a travel buddy.  As a compact soap bar, it’s much less space consuming than a typical facial scrub and ideal for those staycations and weekend city breaks.

All in all, a decent product and worth a try for those still in search of their ideal face wash.  I personally won’t be giving up my current daily face scrub but will definitely keep this in mind for holiday getaways.

If you would like to try Eumora for free, click HERE to redeem a sample.  All you have do is pay for the shipping and handling charges. 

There’s no point denying it, guys are just as vain as ladies these days so check it out!

Rating 3.5 out of 5


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