Wednesday 17 September 2014

Afterimages Movie Review!!!

Will Afterimages leave you with with positive or negative afterthoughts??? Read our review to find out!!!

Maximum Extreme was invited to the gala premiere of Afterimages, a Singapore made horror flick featuring 5 short stories based on various local folktales and superstitions. Five of our lucky readers were also able to attend the premiere thanks to our awesome ticket giveaway.

The premise is that a bunch of friends burn paper effigies as offerings to the dead during the local Hungry Ghost festival.  You can send the deceased pretty much anything by burning a paper version of the item, iPhone, house, TV, car.   

The friends burn a paper camera but in a strange twist of fate, they get something back from the other side. 

Each day after the students burn their offerings, they find a movie reel in the ashes.  Invariably these curious cats decide to go ahead and watch whatever is on these movie reels.  What they discover is 5 spooky tales that intertwine with their own fate.

Do they make it out alive or does curiosity kill these cats?? You’ll have to watch to find out.  This of course leads to the burning question, is this movie worth your money and time?

Well, it’s a decent effort.  The tales are pretty creepy and the movie plods along at a good pace leaving little time to get bored.

I quite liked the premise behind the various tales but while they may be creepy, they never actually become scary.

What I didn’t like about the movie was the sub-standard special effects and more importantly, the poor acting that was frequently on display.  To be honest, some of the acting really is terrible which makes me wonder how those actors ever got past the audition stages??

These poor performances really push the movie into comedy territory at times.

The best performance comes from veteran actor Vincent Tee whose chicken rice tale is probably one of the better short stories on offer.  We were fortunate to have had the chance to chat with Vincent after the screening and he’s clearly a really decent bloke.

Bottom line is that this movie will pass a couple of hours, you will be entertained, but it’s ultimately very forgettable and if you’re looking for a pre-Halloween scare then this is definitely not gonna do the job.

Rating 2.5 out of 5



  1. Agree! Haha... I did an individual rating for the tales and some pull down the total score! I like the contrast between Vincent tee and his pal Gim Goh.

  2. Sounds good Tiff! I didn't wanna talk much about the individual tales for fear of ruining what little surprise there is in the movie. Agreed Vincent and Gim were probably the best things in this thing =)