Sunday 27 January 2013

The Impossible Movie Review!!!

No, I don’t mean this movie review was impossible – but rather a review of a great movie called The Impossible! Check it out!

This was a really great movie.  Following the impact of the 2004 tsunami on one family vacationing in Thailand, this movie is sometimes difficult to watch but always compelling.   Based on the true events in the life of the Belon family from Spain, the characters are portrayed here as a British family in the form of Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts and their three children.

With a quick introduction, the tsunami hits early on and we are left to face the devastation in its wake.  For those of you who wondered how a big wave could be so devastating, you will have no doubts left in your mind after watching the grueling impact sequence.  It becomes obvious that it’s not just a big wave but more the whole ocean pouring into the land with the full weight and force of the sea behind it.  The life lost and damage caused was immense.

As a doctor, unfortunately, it’s all too easy to start seeing patients as just patients and forget that you are dealing with people and families just like your own.  I guess this is something of an occupational hazard.  It protects us from getting too emotionally invested in our patient’s problems and keeps our decisions objective.  However, unchecked, it can result in a cold and calculating doctor.  I will never forget the moment a seemingly random taxi driver welcomed me into his taxi by addressing me as Dr. Stryker.  I had no idea how he knew me.  Later I learned that I had resuscitated his newborn son when he was born.  The father would never forget me.  Moments like this serve to ground us and keep us always mindful of the privileged position we are in as health care professionals and how our actions can have a huge impact on the lives of others.  Now the reason I mention this is because I’ve seen lots and lots of trauma, blood and gore during my days as an Accident and Emergency doctor in the UK.  Rarely, however, would I get to see the impact of these sometimes-fatal incidents on the families and friends of those involved.  This movie shows us exactly that and by doing so even I was left shocked and shaken.   It gives you a reality check, reminds you how lucky you are and not to take your loved ones for granted.  Faced with losing all your loved ones in an instant and yet still having to fight to survive is a difficult reckoning.

Some may argue that it was the Thai people who were more severely affected, of which there is no doubt, or that the family was originally from Spain, or that it is too Hollywood in how it pulls at our emotions but this is all semantics.  This is a very powerful movie, which despite being horrific is still ultimately life affirming. 

The performances are terrific from all involved.  It’s not hard to see why Naomi Watts has been nominated for an Oscar and a certain phone call made by Ewan McGregor left me in tears (one of about a thousand other such moments).  Special mention must be made of the couple’s eldest son in the movie, Lucas played by Tom Holland.  With acting like this, he will hopefully have a very fruitful acting career ahead.

Powerful cinema, of course not for everyone and with limited replay value, this is highly recommended nonetheless.  Just make sure you bring a box of tissues.

Rating 4.5 out of 5.



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