Monday 26 November 2012

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Movie Review!!!

Breaking dawn or is breaking wind a more accurate description?? Check out my honest review here.

Maximum Extreme was invited by to review The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.  It is a movie that I approached with some trepidation being an individual who has disliked the entire franchise from the get go.   Nonetheless, I shall try to remain objective.

The movie was screened at the new Golden Village Cineplex at the super green, solar powered, City Square Mall.  It’s a nice new cinema just a stone's throw away from Singapore’s colourful Little India district.  A quick pointer for moviegoers frequenting this cinema, once you have your tickets you can save time by heading straight into the cinema itself.  Once past the usher who snubs your tickets you will find a small snacks and drinks counter inside which is virtually unused, thus avoiding the large queues at the main food counters in the lobby area.

Now let’s get into the movie but note there are some very minor spoilers ahead. 

At some point or another I’ve managed to catch most of the Twilight movies and try as I may I’ve yet to find any redeeming qualities.  Featuring a lackluster story with pretty terrible performances all round, these are movies that are destined to be forgotten and have no significant place in the history of cinema.  Unlike any other movie franchise before it, Twilight seemed spurned on not by good or imaginative storytelling but more by a vacuum created by the needs of teenagers and misguided souls.

The movie starts with Bella (Kristen Stewart) coming to terms with her new life as a Vampire.  Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), a hundred year old vampire with the appearance and emotional intelligence of a teenager, is there to ease the transition for Bella as she also starts her life as a new mother. 

Early on we are introduced to Bella’s daughter, an eerie CGI baby by the name of Rensesmee.  Now that Bella and Edward have been joined in unholy matrimony we can’t have team Jacob miss out.  Queue some mumbo jumbo called imprinting.  According to Twilight lore, when a shape shifter finds in another their reason for being, their purpose, their life partner, they can imprint on that individual, a process by which the two develop a special bond and are destined to then be together.  Imprinting can only take place if the two involved are each other’s perfect matches, a strange take on destiny you could argue. 

How twisted that Jacob (Taylor Lautner) who previously believed he was in love with Bella was now in love with her daughter.  Ah, but apparently this wasn’t really the case.  It is explained that when Jacob thought he loved Bella it was in fact the energies of the universe weaving their magic so as to allow Jacob to eventually be with Renesmee, or so they would like us to think.  Either way, Renesmee will be needing a fair amount of psychotherapy when she finds out that her mom had feelings for and also kind of made out with her boyfriend.

Confusing introduction done, confusing interlude ensues.  The Volturi, the so called royalty and rulers of the Vampire world led by Aro (Michael Sheen) catch wind that Renesmee may in fact be a danger to the world and come after the Cullens.  The Cullens travel around the globe gathering allies to aid them in this their hour of need.

Unless you’re a real fan of the Twilight series, I suspect that like me you will be quite confused and baffled by the proceedings, not to mention bored, for at least the first hour or so of this movie.  It’s only when we reach the movies final battle with the Volturi and all the characters have developed Avengers / X-Men like superpowers that it becomes entertaining.  I have to be honest; I was pleasantly surprised, albeit only momentarily, by the ending.  I really did not see it coming.

This, in my view, is easily the best installment in the franchise but being the best of the worst doesn’t really count for much.  Unlike the other movies, this one does have a rousing finale that I found myself enjoying but it’s just too little too late.  Maybe if you’re like me and you’ve never really liked the Twilight series, then you too will enjoy seeing many an annoying Twilight character meeting a gruesome demise during the final act.

Commercial, forgettable and unimaginative.  Rejoice in the fact that there will be no more (unless Jacob and Renesmee have Vampire/Were-wolf hybrid babies).  Yes the final battle and overall ending was pretty good but you’re probably better off saving your money and waiting for someone to post the final scene on YouTube.

Rating 2.5/5


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